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Internationalism, a Growing Hope for Truthful Peace in Palestine

By Umar Badarsyah
29 Januari 2009

Since 27th December 2009 Israel attacked Gaza with bombs, and heavy artilleries. The assault ended for 23 days resulting over 1300 death casualties, more then 400 are children. The unproportionate attack also causing more then 5000 suffering severe injuries, and sent thousands Palestinians homeless because the attacks destroying their homes and public buildings.

The attack we have seen as one of the worst human made catastrophes, the most heinous crime against humanity of 21st century. Ironically, it’s conducted by a nation its building based upon world’s shared view of condemnation of 20th century holocaust, Israel.
The attack ended by one-sided ceasefire proclamation by Israel which then followed by HAMAS. The decision might be an outcome of multilateral meetings held by co-host France and Egypt at Sharm El-Sheikh urging Israel to stop their attack, but the way the so called self-defending democratic country ended it, seems merely because they felt their targets were met successfully as stated by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak himself. Even Barrack Obama’s coronation ceremony might have been stronger taken into consideration rather then the meeting or any other international condemnations.

We do cherish the ceasefire, since it’s allowing thousands of victims and Gaza itself for a long and hard way to recover. But as respect of meaningful and truthful piece, another ceasefire is as flawless as the previous. The only way that we can put this to an end is by respecting Palestinians rights of self-determination against long term modern occupation they have suffered.
Despite deep sorrows for what happened, a growing hope for everlasting peace in Palestine occurred. The hope is in the form of great international awareness about the tragedy happened in Palestine, an awareness that has never been so huge and widespread before.

Traditionally, any times Israel perpetrated assaults to Palestine and Palestinians only Moslems World will react. But during this 2009 attack, we have seen so many protests from whole of the world of all continents from different races, and religions.
Peoples in Europe such in England, Scotland, Norway, Greece, France, and Belgium are set for rallies against Israeli attack. Hugo Chaves of Republic Bolivar of Venezuela along with the citizens leading other Bolivar connected countries of Latin America condemn Israel and sent the country representatives home to Tel Aviv. Japanese and Philippines set calls for anti war and peace for Palestine. Peoples in Australia also set for protests. Even in the backyard of Obama’s Capitol Hill, enshrined Americans protesting Israel’s attack and urging Obama’s administration sets a more just approach to the matter. These peoples: commoners, academicians, and politicians shared same awareness backing the Palestinians and condemning Israel.

At least there are two factors that growing the awareness: technology advancement, and human rights regime. Thanks to technology, the tragedies happened in Gaza are brought to our very own homes, offices, and private rooms, letting individuals see lively or delayed reports of the human made catastrophe occurred. Televisions and internet make the global world connected tight and borderless until facts couldn’t have being manipulated nor hide anymore, a grieve punch to one of Zionist protocols to control media.
Human rights are now accepted as international values by most peoples of the world. The world’s interactions evolved the western human rights values set in international laws documents became more and more acceptable by others (James Anaya,1996). Nowadays, human rights are common language used by peoples in the third worlds, north and south worlds, even in Moslems. The regime also sets peoples views and the way they things about what happens nowadays.

The bombings to Gaza’s civilians, among them kids and women, also the 18 months alienation by physical blockade prior to the attack are seen by world’s community as breaches of human rights. The Gaza Palestinians are tortured; facing their live threatened, and hindered to pursue their social, economic and political rights, conditions that easily draws sympathies of peoples those cherished their chance to enjoy such rights. These peoples are then marching into rally; screaming for boycott; allying to gain international support for Palestinians rights; urging and demanding their governments to take actions in line with their demands.
The UN Security Council’s Resolutions Number 1860 urging Israel to hold ceasefire is one of the results of the growing world’s awareness. Although it failed to be obeyed by Israel, the numbers of member countries agreed 14 leaving US administration an abstain considered as a positive sign.

For the first time in history, ashamed with the clawless UN Security Council response against Israel, President of General Assembly Father Miguel d’Escoto expressed his deepest concern for systematic problem of the council and talked about international law violations perpetrated by Israel. Miguel d’Escoto also proclaimed BDS campaign: boycott, divestment and sanctions to pressure Israel to ends its violations. Some countries as Indonesia raising the idea to bring the conflict resolution into the General Assembly account, which although less powerful then Security Council represents whole members of the UN with no veto.

The UN body under human rights regime acted further, the Human Rights Council made decision to send special investigators to observe human rights breaches in Gaza. Prior to the decision, special human rights rapporteur Richard Falks, known also as a noble professor of International Laws in Princeton University, reported the Israeli attack as a flagrant violation of international laws, and inhumanely worst.(The Huffington Post, 2 January 2009). The Human Rights Council decision will open the chance to draw Israel into the International Criminal Court, similar move has proven effective in the case of Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Khmer.
International organizations especially human rights based and humanitarian organizations such as Amnesty International, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and many others raise condemnation to Israel’s attack.

The internationalism where all subjects of international laws: Nation-States, International Organization, International NGOs, and peoples of the world have started to make actions, are growing hope to the Israel-Palestine conflict resolutions. Our dream to live respectfully in peace based on mutual principle of equals rights and self-determination of peoples as stated in UN Charter are now in our own hands as citizens of the world. It is our task as part of the peace loving citizens of the world, despite any of races, religions, sex or any other differences to bring peace for the Palestinians!


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